Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Situational Meaning…….Learning through AV Medium.

The Malayalam TV channels were incessantly ranting and splitting hairs of the recent Paul M George murder near Changanacherry allegedly by a bevy of habitual offenders who regularly indulge in the wet act for money and political patronage.These gangs are known as “Quotation teams”for the very reason that they are available to do the wet act for a price.

Suddenly my son,who was completing his science homework raised his head and asked ,Dad! What is quotation?

I said,it is a bid or interest by a person or firm mentioning the estimated value or price to do a certain work.I thought why bother his tender mind more by explaining the way a material supply or work execution is tendered.

Oh! He said disappointedly ,I asked what happened?He said ,he thought that ‘Quotation means,to kill somebody’.

I was speechless for several minutes and gathering my wits,I realized the influence of Audio-Visual medium on the impressionable mind.How easy it is to form an opinion by just associating the words and situation to a particular context.