Friday, October 5, 2007

The Televenture

Oh, Hi!!! And thanks to Sidin, I have a brand new 20’’ Sony Bravia LCD TV on my table, courtesy my Boss.

It was only yesterday we were chatting on sad and dismal performance of Indian cricket, I was missing the live telecast and the conversation closed abruptly.

I went and knocked at my Boss’s cabin and he had already seen me coming and looked at me with trepidation. Yes! His worst nightmare was about to become real.

He smiled, broadly at that indeed, and asked if everything was OK.
I nonchalantly replied, "Yes, Sir, except that", and I could see in the corner of his eyes, he was beginning to well.
I said,’Sir, Please give me a project’, my Boss brushed that aside and said, projects are for “lesser mortals” I am destined for bigger things. He enquired, if everything is alright and whether the décor of my cabin is warding me off, I suggested for a Chesterfield and tele set.

And, Lo and behold, today morning I have a brand new TV on my table with Dishnet connection.
I went and thanked my Boss, profusely.

Later in the diner, my colleague, who went to purchase the TV, told me that my Boss thought with 6 more months to go for annual appraisal its safe to buy me a TV than he losing his PLI due to my goofing up some projects.

I have decided, after the earning call of Q3, I will ask him an office golf set.

I need to practice to be in the league of CEOs,CFOs,CTOs and many more assorted Cs.

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